Sunday, 2 December 2012

How To Know Who Unfriend You On Facebook?

Hello Friends!! Good Morning .Today Facebook is the largest social networking site. Almost everyone who uses Internet are having Facebook account.So taught to start posting some tricks and tips on my blog about    Facebook so that your social networking skills could develop and you will have good online Friends.Guys remember one thing don't accept a friend request from an unknown people on Facebook cause they can be  psychic who will post abusive things on your wall or may be an hacker who will take your personal information for any destructive purpose.

How to Know Who Unfriend Us ?

So friends as we all know that Facebook does not provide information about who unfriend us and who have visited our profile ? and we all are curious to know these things because it seems to be quite annoying that someone has unfriend us so i am going to tell you the way to recognize who have unfriend / blocked us.


I am going to tell you one applications to know who unfriends you on Facebook.

Follow these steps:

1.Goto Facebook Unfriend Finder. this an Facebook application like poker, Birthday reminder, etc

2.Select your browser and follow the steps in it.

3.After installing it will show the unfriends button in the left sidebar in firefox.

4.In Google Chrome it will be installed as a extension.

5. Now you can know who have unfriend you........ so now you can know who is your good buddy who is the bad one?

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