Thursday, 3 January 2013

Auto Invite Friend to Group Facebook in Chrome & Firefox

  • Make Sure You Are Using Firefox Or Google Chrome Browser.
  •  If You Dont Have Mozila Or Google Chrome Browser So Please Download It.
  •  Make Sure Bookmark Bar Is Visible. If Not Visible Then Go To Option > Show Bookmark Toolbar On Firefox.
  •  If You Are Using Google Chrome Then Press Shift+Ctrl+B Then Show Your Bookmark....

  •  Drag and Drop' The Below Image To Your Bookmark Bar. This Will Create A Bookmark "Swaroopraj'" In The Bookmark Bar.
  •  Go To The Group Where You Want To Add Your Friends.
  • Then Click On "Swaroopraj'' Bookmark" 
  • Wait Few Second.
  • This Will Start Adding Your Friends In That Group.

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